Kim Kardashian Without Makeup Looks Different but Still Pretty

It is quite difficult to imagine Kim Kardashian without makeup. It seems like she has built her image around her facial beauty and sexiness. Nevertheless, she has tried different looks and in some appearances, she sported minimal makeup. We have also followed them in their family reality series, and there were several instances where she appeared without makeup on.

There are quite a lot of instances in Keeping Up with the Kardashians where Kim cried, and she appeared with barely any makeup on.

Can you even remember when Kim looked like this? She has been in public eye for a while and she has totally evolved.

Kim’s makeup contour photos have become viral. People said she looked totally different after applying makeup. The truth is she looked just as fine without any makeup on.

Kim was heading out from the gym in this super casual outfit. There was a time when paparazzi were dying to have her photos with barely any makeup on.

She has proven time and time again that whether she puts makeup on or not, she looks really great. She won’t be phenomenal if not for her beauty.

Kim without makeup on is difficult to recognize. Seeing her with light blonde hair is even weirder. She didn’t really try this look for a long time.

Kim has also appeared in red carpet events with nude makeup. She looked great nonetheless. She has tried almost any style in various events.

It won’t be Kim if not for her exaggerated makeup, super red lips and false eyelashes. She always knows what style would suit her best.

In her most recent appearance in Ellen where she discussed the incident that happened to her, people freaked out not because of the story, but on how she looked exactly the same as she was 5 years ago.

She said that after the incident in France, she became a different person. She still looks amazing despite that inner change.

Shahid Kapoor’s Wedding was Bollywood’s Wedding of the Year in 2015

Shahid Kapoor has been in the public eye for a very long time. He has starred in several Bollywood films. He is considered one of the hottest hunks in India’s show business. Hence, when he decided to tie the knot, millions of hearts were broken. Nevertheless, they were supportive of his decision. Shahid Kapoor’s wedding was considered as the wedding of the year in India in 2015.

Millions of hearts were broken when it was revealed that Shahid Kapoor has decided to tie the knot in 2015.

Mira Rajput is the lucky woman who has won Shahid’s heart. She is well-loved by the family and they also expressed their happiness to have her as part of the family.

The couple got married in New Delhi, but celebrations continued up to Mumbai. It was a grand event that caught the attention of many fans.

It is said that their wedding was the biggest event in Indian show business in 2015. Although many people were caught by surprise, they were also happy for the couple.

Even before the big event, the couple has been spotted together several times for various events. They seem to be really in love with each other.

Shahid is one of the biggest and most sought after actors in Bollywood. Hence, when he decided to tie the knot, it was one of the biggest headlines in India that year.

Shahid’s family was very supportive of him and his choice. They were very happy that he has finally decided to settle down with a lovely woman.

The couple didn’t intend to make a fuss out of the wedding, but of course, Shahid is a huge star. Details of the wedding emerged in no time.

This good looking couple is definitely a match made in heaven. In no time, they were already expecting parents.

They are now parents to a lovely daughter. They usually post some of their baby’s photos online and it is just adorable.