Chewing Tobacco Facts – More about tobacco

If you have been smoking tobacco for quite some time now, you are surely aware that there are two types of the mentioned. However, this is only exclusive to smokeless tobacco. These are the snuff and the chewing tobacco. Basically, chewing tobacco is the one being sold in raw, loose leaf. This may also be in twist and even plug forms. On the other hand, snuff is only present in moist, sachet and dry forms. This is dubbed to be the most popular kind of smokeless tobacco today. These are just among the various Chewing tobacco facts that a ton of smokers owe to know.

Coverage of use and more

Over an estimation of 10 million users are said to be related to smokeless tobacco. But then, there are just under the age of 21. According to the studies made, almost 25% of the record is young users. These started when they were in the 6th grade. On the other hand, there is 75% that started during the 9th grade. As for the mentioned ages, almost 17 to 19 years old were identified as users. This was the case in the year 1970. As for today though, the males are considered to be the highest user and this occurs in any sort of age group there is. Pretty alarming, right?

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The aforementioned result is not surprising for the sole reason that the advertising and promotion of tobacco focused around adolescents, most especially, males. There is a certain amount of aggression in this junctures. There are ads which are somehow connected to ST. These may come with rock stars, sports heroes and even that of rodeos. These ST companies are always sponsoring rock concerts whenever they can. The same is also true with auto racing, rodeos and even that of tractor pulls. All of these are real evident.

The risks of use

Just like the idea of smoking – risks may also take place. For instance, split tobacco is not in any way safe even if it is dubbed as a substitute for smoking. This may be the main carrier of oral cancers which may lead to the addiction of the person eventually. Most of the time, the major carcinogens in the tobacco are created with polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons, nitrosamines and even that of metallic and radioactive compounds. The nitrosamine content it goes along with may exceed to that of 1000x. This is usually found at most bacons and beers because there is an approval given by the FDA with the usage of it.

Since the compositions are identified, ST may be the main agent in cancers. These may be directed towards stomach, larynx and even that of esophagus. There may also be an increasing of risk as far as heart attack is concerned. This may also trigger cardiovascular diseases later on. According to record, there is around 40 to 60% of users who demonstrated the signs of leukoplakia. This is seen in the area where the quid is said to be being held. This may occur just after the months of use.