Lucky Charms Nutrition Facts

Find out the best lucky charms nutrition facts

The parents have the responsibility to feed healthy foods to their children. They can find plenty of healthy packed foods in the market, which are manufactured using the natural ingredients. The Lucky Charms is a toasted oat cereal and very famous across the world. It can be consumed with milk and it is one of the favorite foods item for the kids. Most of the kids love to have this cereal and it has an interesting history. The users can find some interesting lucky charms nutrition facts here. Before that it is good to know the history of this cereal, which is briefly explained below.

The history of Lucky Charms:

Basically the luck charm is a name of a flower and commonly used in many countries, which denotes good luck. People believe that it brings good luck so the manufacturer also named the same to their product.

  • It was debuted in 1963 with the oat pieces in shape of bells, fish, arrowheads, yellow moon marshmallows and etc. John Holahan is the developer of this product.
  • In 1967, the sugar frosting was added with oat pieces and in 1983 the purple horseshoes were added.
  • It was offered in two flavors like Chocolate and berry. Then this cereal had met various changes and in 2014 the company celebrated its 50th

The delicious taste and its healthy benefits make many people to love this beverage. It uses all the natural and slight artificial ingredients to produce the marvelous taste.

Nutrition facts of Luck Charm:

  • It has the natural ingredients like Flour, Whole grain oats, Marshmallows, Calcium Carbonate, Dextrose, Corn Starch and Artificial Colors.
  • The lucky charm is loved by the kids due to its sweet flavor. While manufacturing this cereal, the sugar will be mixed in an apt quantity. It has 11 grams sugar but the honey nut cheerios has only 9 grams.
  • A bowl of luck charms 147 Calories, 14g of sugar and 1.3g of fat, which provide the required nutrition to the kids. The marshmallow in this cereal is not vegetarian.
  • Another advantage of giving the luck charm cereal to the kids is it doesn’t contain any cholesterol. So, the kids who are overweight can also consume this product.
  • The Sodium level of this cereal is 192.5g, which is good for the health.
  • The dietary Fiber is 1.3g and Protein is in 2g.
  • The nutrition from this beverage provides the essential minerals and vitamins to the consumers.
  • Most of the packed food beverages have high saturated fat but the luck cereals are completely free from it.
  • The oat cereals have high Iron and Manganese, which strengthen the consumer bones.
  • The Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12 in the lucky charm help the kids to grow faster and help them to avoid the tiredness.

So, these nutrition facts assure that the luck charm cereal is good to consume and provides plenty of health benefits.